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Friday, December 26, 2008


When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, what really works? When we hear of someone who has lost weight and kept it off, we all want to know how they did it. What was the secret of their success?

Think of your weight loss programme asthe most important gift you have ever given yourself. Enjoy the whole experience of eating, and get the most from every morsel you eat. Get beyond the idea that your life is all about your weight and food. While you are shedding off all that excess baggage on your body, gain the pleasure of those physical, spiritual and intellectual components that make you fully human.

The approach to losing weight have to be holistic: all facets of life are necessary and better together than they are alone. Diet alone is not the best method for improving your body measurements. The ideal method is a combination of a sensible diet to lose weight, and just about 10 - 15 minutes fitness plan of exercise to lose inches. The key to successful weight loss is making permanent changes in your eating habits, and your living style. Experience and study prove that weight gain is not a quick process. It is not a result of first days or months or overeating, but of years. So the safest and the most effective way of slimming is to lose weight sensibly - a kilo in a week is quick, safe and manageable.

Crash diets should generally be avoided as quite often they fail. This is simply because they just cannot be sustained. Moreover, people on crash diets develop a face that is gaunt and haggard, while their arms, thights nad hips are still bulky.The more severe the diet, the more you slow down your metabolic rate as the body is deprived of essential foods. This process can be dangerous if the diet is extreme or prolonged, or if dieting is repeatedover several years.

While it is safe, permanent and ideal to lose about four to five kilos a month, it is very important to build health at the same time as reducing fat. It is also essential simultaneously to deal successfully with the cause related to obesity.

Various reasons are attributed to a person being overweight or obese, but a few that have been proved to be are as follows:

(a) Beight everweight or obese can actually be due to some internal disease, and most commonly this is hormonal.

(b) Why does fat person fail to use up as much energy as he takes in as food. It could be that though he eats minimally, some defect in the way his body deals with food deflects some of what he eats to his fat stores, and keeps, it there unused. This is because his metabolism is sluggish.

(c) In most cases, even with a low food intake, an obese person remains obese as his output is low. In other words, he need to exercise a lot and expend extra calories, that is, he need to correct the imbalance between his energy output and energy intake.

(d)In some cases, it is hereditary, but even in such cases, fat people can still hope to lose weight and be fit and trim.

Doctors often use a simple rule of thumb which gives them a general idea of the degree of obesity in people above the age of 25 years. With reference to a standard weight chart, you are clinically obese if you are ideal weight plus 20%. You are grossly obese if you are ideal weight plus 40%.

Dont despair when you stop losing weight after a certain period of losing weight. This is a weight plateau that most people hit, but this is just a temporary phase. If you really want to lose weight permanently, you must feel strongly enough about it so that you will adhere to a sensible redusing-regimen, and adhere to it full time. You have to build up your will power.

Overweight is a major health problem to millions of people around the world. If you are obese and do not shed off that excess weight soon, your extrakilos can endanger your health and indirectly cut your span of life. You become prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, ailments of heart and lungs, chronic nephritis, and so on.

Develop a reward system. Successful dieters have discovered that having something to look forward to at the end of each milestone helped to mentally and emotionally shorten the cycles of long-term success.

whenyou are setting your target weight, try to be realistic and not dream of a petite figure, if you have never been even once before you gain weight. The final success is the acceptance that there is bound to be failure along the way to reaching your goal. In spite of this temporary, gird yourself and carry on with your objective of reaching your goal. Remember, only you canget yourself off the cough to exercise, cook that healthy dish, and move the body!!

According to a survey done by John Hopkins University, 67% of the people diet to be healthier, 21% to look better, 6% for a better love life, 3% for a better job, while another 3% do it just to be safe and healthy.


Are you fat or plump? Or just obese? Probably you tried various diets and exercises to lose weight, joined health clubs, aerobic classes, slimming centres, etc., but have never been able to get the weight off permanently. You find that the lost kilos have crept back almost as quickly as you shed them, comfortably settling down once again on the hips, arms and thights. Don't despair. Reading this blog and putting it into practice will work wonders for you, knocking off all that excessive weight quickly, safely and permanently.

It really does not matter what you did yesterday or the years ago. It does not matter how old you are or how many kilos you want to lose. To achieve your target, it is important for you to set a mini goals. Losing twenty kilos is extremely formidable, and yet making yourself five kilos lighter is not only attainable, but a goal you can live with for the present.

This blog will help you to find the key to success that exist within the framework of your own personality. The tools and imformation will help you to get there, but it is you who will do the work and reap the fabulous rewards to come.

Get started now and experience the joy of losing weight permanently!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Breakfast diet 3

a) 1 glass of fresh juice of carrot or orange or lemon(no sugar)

b) An apple or pear(unpeeled)

c) 1 yoghurt toast

Besan chillah

1/2 cup gram flour (besan)
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp chilli powder
salt to taste

Mix all together to form dough of pouring consistency. Spread a ladleful on a heated non-stick tawa. Turn when the underside is cooked. Cook the other side also, oilless.

Breakfast diet 2

a) 1 apple(unpeeled) or a generous helping of papaya or watermelon

b) 1 besan chillah

c) 1 toasted slice of brown bread

Breakfast diet 1

a) 1 glass of buttermilk(no salt or sugar), papaya or water melon - a generous serving.


1 small bowl of cornflakes or porridge with a little milk and a small slices of apple or pear for sweetness.

b) Sandwishes filled with coriander or mint chutney and slices of tomato or cucumber.

Early dinner is good

Have an early dinner so that you have an hour or two to take a short walk after dinner.

Drink ice water

Drink ice water. The body burns up yo 40 calories just by turning up its metabolism in order to warm the water.

Eat more fruits

Eat an abundance of fruits, like water melon, papaya, apple, pear, orange, pineapple, etc.

Key to successful weight loss

The key to successful weight loss is making permanent changes in your eating habits. Do not try to revamp your diet all at once. Start with a few adjustmentand gradually build on them until balances nutrition choices become a regular part of your life-style. Gradual changes in diet are more likely to become habits eventually.


Sometimes you give in to temptation and eat what is forbidden for you. You will generally feel disturbed and guilty, and may want to abandon the diet for the day. This is not the right attitude. So what if you treated yourself to a goodie! You can still compensate for the damage by cutting the consumption of some other food item in your diet. It does take sometime to change old habits.

Natural diet

Green leafy vegetable, juicy fruits and wholesome grains constitute a natural diet, one that is healthy and nutritious.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vitamins provide energy

Many people swallow vitamin tablets in the morning, believing that they provide energy boost. The truth is that the energy is provided by the nutrients in the food that are eaten. But since you are most likely cutting down on what you consume, some supplement is good.

Spot exercises can reduse fat deposits

Spot exercises only tighten muscles, and have no effect on fat.

Margarine is better than butter

The man-made margarine has absolutely no nutritional benefits, whereas butter a natural food, has anticancer and antiviral properties. Butter may even help in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The only benefit that margarine has over butter is that it is free of cholesterol. So use butter sparingly

Caffeinated beverages can energise

Coffee, tea and soda are stimulants that energise you quickly and then let you crash. It is therefore essential that you take an equal amount of water after the caffeinated drink.

Lemon juice is good for losing weight

While the vitamin C in the lemon juice helps repair worn out tissues, it does not destroy fat or have any action on it.

Saunas help in shedding off kilos.

You may feel rejuvenated and great sitting in a sauna, but what you lose is the weight of water. Once the fluids have been replenished, the weight comes right back.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Potatoes are fattening

Compared to bread or cereals, it is safer to have potatoes. Bread is twice as fattening as potatoes. Boiled potatoes are good for deiters, but not so fried potatoes.

Form does not matter when exercising

Aerobics, weight training and cardiovascular workouts can have an adverse effect if you are doing them wrong, since you may end up a different muscle than intended. You may also put unnecessary stress on joints.

Fruit juices are not fattening

It is always better to eat the fruit itself than drink the juice as this gives fibre to your diet. It takes more fruits to make a glass of juice than can be eaten at one time. Readymade juices have glucose added to them, hence dieters should avoid them.

Fruit juices are not fattening

Too little calories help you to reduce weight

This will be true only when you skip the empty calories that have no nutritional value. Otherwise there will be imbalance in your body, leading to sluggish metabolic activity.

It is natural to gain a few kilos with ageing

You will live longer if you stay on the thin side, and be successful in keeping at bay all the complications that set in with overweight.

Skipping breakfast is good during dieting

Never skip your breakfast. Otherwise you will end up overeating at the next meal. After your dinner, your body has been on fast, and it needs fuel to get you going through the day. Eat sensibly.

Sleeping after meals makes you put on weight

It is not sleeping or resting after meals that mkes you gain weight. It is what you have eaten for lunch or dinner that matters. Eat sensibly.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Standing while eating burns up more calories.

This is a myth, for you tend to eat more while standing. Always sit and eat unless circumstances demand otherwise.

Bananas are fattening

Bananas are sweeter than an apple or an orange, yet they have only 85 calories. They are a wonderful source or potassium and valueble protein. They are filling and alleviate constipation.

Bananas are fattening

Honey for reducing

This is a fallacy. Honey has many therapeutic and curative powers, but unfortunately it cannot cure obesity.

Honey for reducing

Fasting for weight loss

Though some dieters fast once a week for weight loss, most reported that fasting only caused light-headedness and deep feelings of deprivation.

A glass of water in the morning helps to lose weight

Many believe that by taking a glass of hot water on an empty stomach is a sure cure for lose weight, as they believe that hot water dissolves fat. Fat does not dissolve in water.

A glass of water

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