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Monday, March 30, 2009

Losing weight with spirituality helps

Many successful dieters claim that spirituality helps to finally lick the demon of excess weight. Turning to a higher power helps to turn off the voices in your head clamouring for food.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learn how to measure your food

Learn to measure your food intake with your eye. Dieters are usually shocked to find out how small a serving really in when the diet demands just one chapati it means the size of your hand with fingers spread out, and not a 20 cm one! A serving of rice is the size of your fist, and not a heaped plate of it.

Three square meals

It may work for you better if you eat smaller meals, and more frequently, instead of three square meals. This depends on individuals, and you can have to determine which suits you best, keeping in mind the factor of constant hunger pangs.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chew on your food more

Chew your food thoroughly, and take your time over it. You will thus enjoy your food more, eat less of it, and the chewing will ease stress.

Oxygen key to losing weight

Focus on deep breathing, into your stomach, and not just your chest. Oxygen is one of the keys to losing weight. After inhaling, try to take longer time to exhale to eliminate the toxin from the body.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lunch diet 16

a) 1 cup soup

b) 1 roti or 1/2 cup cooked rice

c) 1 cup vegetables

d) 1/2 cup yoghurt

e) 1 orange or pear

Lunch diet 15

a) 1 bowl soup

b) 60 gms meat or 25 gms cottage cheese

c) 1/2 cup boiled or dice potatoes with pepper and lemon juice

d) tea or coffee

Lunch diet 14

a) 1 large bowl soup

b) 1 slice brown bread toast

c) 25gms cottage cheese

d) 1 apple or orange

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's true!! We can burn more calories in the morning

If you do treat occasionally to some sweet of fried food, do so at breakfast. Our metabolism are more active during the day when we are more mobile. Our body is at optimal calorie burning in the morning.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lunch diet 13

a) papaya - generous helping

b) 1/2 cup cottage cheese with chopped vegetables

c) 1 marie biscuit

Lunch diet 12

a) 1 cup pasta salad with vegetables

b) 1 cup cabbage (shredded)

c) 2 marie biscuit

Lunch diet 11

a) 1 bowl raw vegetable salad

b) 1 bowl boiled vegetables

c) 1 roti

d) 1 glass buttermilk

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lunch diet 10

a) 1 serving of sprouted green gram

b) 1 cup vegetable

c) 1 medium sized potato (boiled)

d) 2 rotis

e) 1 cup soup

Lunch diet 9

a) 1 serving of fish or lean meat or skinned chicken

b) 1 serving of green vegetable

c) 2 medium sized rotis


1 cup cooked rice

d) 1 glass buttermilk

Lunch diet 8

a) 1 cup soup

b) salad of 2 small cucumber

c) 1 small bowl of cooked vegetables

d) 1 small roti

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lunch diet 7

a) 1 cup egg noodles mixed with 25 gms cheese or fish (cooked)

b) 1 cup spinach (boiled) with a little salt and pepper

c) 1 cup tea or coffee

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why eat more red grapes over green?

Choose red grapes over green, and romaine lettuce over iceberg, as the deeper the colour, the more powerful are the cancer and disease fighting antioxidants. The deeper colours are more tasteful, so eat more colourfully.

Lunch diet 6

a) 1 cup pasta

b) 1 tsp grated cheese

c) 1 cup tea or coffee

Lunch diet 5

a) 1 slice brown bread with 25 gms cottage cheese

b) 1 cup salad (tomatoes, mushroom, onions, broccoli)

c) 2 cups green with pepper and lemon juice

Lunch diet 4

a) 1/4 cup grapes, pineapple cubes and strawberries in 1 cup yoghurt (sprinkled with pepper optional)

b) 1 cup soup

c) coffee or tea

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lunch diet 3

a) 1 large bowl soup

b) 2 marie biscuits

c) coffee or tea (if required)

Lunch diet 2

a) 1 cauliflower paratha

b) 1 cup yoghurt with grated cabbage and carrots in it (without salt)

c) 1 orange or banana

Lunch diet 1

a)1 spinach roti

b)1 cup of skim milk yoghurt

c) 1/2 bowl of steamed sprout with pepper, lemon juice, orange segment or apple cubes


1/2 bowl sprout with radish, carrot, tomato, and cabbage chunk with pepper and lemon (avoid oil and salt)

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