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Monday, February 21, 2011

How to lose weight fast

This is one of the famous question you will hear a lot of people asking. When you read on the internet you can find a lot of information on it, the good way and also the bad way. There are people who gain from either ways but let us talk about the healthy way instead, exercise is still the best way to do it.

I personally feel that it’s a very tough and painful process that not everyone can do it. The times that we are going to take to achieve what we want are long, because every one of us is different in our own ways and it makes every one of us unique in that way. That’s why we have people turning themselves to the fastest way by taking those weight loss supplements that we can get from the super market. The worst is those who under go any form of operation to reduce the amount of fats in their body, the process is very painful for what I see, as I did not tried it before and will never want to try it myself. Actually it’s very simple to lose weight but before we start we have to understand how our bodies work as everyone of our body work very differently.

Firstly, make sure the amount of activity is more then the amount of calories we take daily. When I talk about activity I’m talking about exercise, sports and any other activity that require body movement. Here is the problem. How do we know how much activity is enough for us? Minimum at least exercise 2 times a week. Goes gym, jogging, running or any form of aerobic or anaerobic exercise will help.

Intensity is also very important in the whole process. Yes, we exercise 5 times a week but if the intensity is not correct we will not be able to benefit much as well. Make sure when we are doing weights the resting period try to keep as short as possible. When we read, average they say must be 30 sec. Try this, do a shorter rest on an exercise routine that you have been following and compare with other days that you do the routine. Observe how you feel.

Secondly, when we run try not to bring your heart rate too high, try to maintain at 60%, if you push your heart rate too high you will end up strengthen your heart and lung more any you might not be losing much fats but yet again I cannot justify by doing so you will not burning fat because all of us is different. You still have to observe how your body reacts to what u do and never afraid to do experiment on your body.

I always advice a combination of weights and cardiovascular exercise is good to lose weight because by just running itself your leg will not get any stronger. We still have to do some leg exercise to strengthen our leg. Although running you are carrying your own body weights but imagine as your legs get stronger by carrying your own body only if your body weight increase if not the amount of weight your leg carrying are not effective anymore.

A lot of stuff I’m sharing right here are base on my experience with myself and my clients. The main thing I find that what really can make us lose weight is patients. Without it weight loss will never be able to achieve. In my years in this industry I have see a lot of people failed because of that. I’m still trying hard to convince people that’s we will achieve weight loss if we work harder because I don’t believe in putting effort and u wont see result. It’s either now or later.

How to lose weight fast

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